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PEAR Mobile

Our hosted mobile app provides access to our adaptive coaching tools and interactive workout content. Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones; updated to use your company’s branding and logos.

PEAR Pro Tools

Our online Pro tool allows coaches and coordinators to train and treat their clients. With Workout Builder you can create and deliver custom digital fitness and therapy programs for individuals and groups. Also featuring PEAR Chat, an embedded two-way communication tool for both web and mobile apps.

Wearable Apps

The PEAR Platform is compatible with popular wearable and hearable products, like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Bose AR devices.

SDK / PEAR Inside

Seamlessly embed real-time coaching in your existing iOS and Android native mobile apps using our SDK. Offer value-added workout plans within your apps without incurring the technical development costs and timeline.


Equipment Link

PEAR brings interactive real-time coaching to fitness equipment including treadmills, weight stack machines, and posture scanners. Workout engagement and results are automatically obtained through equipment sensors, resulting in a real-time feedback loop for members and coordinators.

Data and Analytics

Health and fitness data from member activities are available in both traditional dashboard form as well as through our API layer. Obtain actionable insights from your aggregated user data, including user segment engagement level with new content and features.

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